Pack Leadership

Parents are the lifeblood of our pack.  
Without them, our program would be limited and our Scouts would be missing out on the fun. 

We need volunteers of varying skills!

Steps to Register as a Leader:
  1. Talk to a current leader about your willingness to help
  2. Register with Scouts BSA as an adult on Be A Scout
  3. Go to and create an account.
  4. Take the Youth Protection Training (YPT) course on
Let the Cubmaster or Committee Chair know you have completed these.

Specific Leadership Training:
There are lots of training opportunities for leaders in Scouts BSA.
Rather your a Cubmaster or den leader, please take the training so you'll be more prepared!

Online courses:
- login
- click menu and my training
- click Cub Scout
- click box with which position you are interested in 
(Cubmaster/ Asst CM, Den Leader, Pack Committee or Committee Chair)

In Person Classes:
Visit the Atlanta Area Council Training site for in person training. These usually take place on a Saturday at the Atlanta Area Council VSC in Smyrna and you will be able to fulfil the leader training in one day. 
You will get more out of in person training, meet other leaders around the Atlanta Area and crowd source for lots of info and ideas to help you in your position!

Other Training for Cub Scout Leaders:

BALOO - Basic Outdoor Leader Outdoor Orientation
Cub Scout leaders who are interested in adding a camping component to their Pack activities are required to have at least one BALOO trained adult on every Cub Scout den or pack overnight outdoor event – including Pack Camping and Webelos Den overnighters. 
This is usually a weekend training course. Expect to spend 1 night camping with everyone and learn how to put on a Cub Scout camping weekend complete with a campfire program!

Wood Badge
Wood Badge is considered the premier leadership training course for Scout Leaders. Wood Badge for the 21st Century is available to registered leaders of all levels of the Scouting program – Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturing. It concentrates on providing training on modern leadership skills needed in today’s world for Scout leaders. Wood Badge Training will not only make you a better Scout Leader, it will also assist you in improving your personal and professional life as well. 

Powder Horn
Powder Horn is a training opportunity designed to expose Venturing Leaders, Scout BSA Leaders or Cub Scout Leaders to activities and resources necessary to operate a successful Venturing Ranger or Troop High Adventure Program. Powder Horn is conducted over three (2-day) weekends.

Positions in the Pack:

Cubmaster (CM) - Morgan Darden
Deliver a quality, fun, year-round program to the Cub Pack
Conduct the program according to BSA policies
Receive the appropriate training, including Cubmaster specific training
Attend monthly Cub Scout Roundtables, to receive information about district and council policies and programs
Carry out the Pack program with the support of the Pack Committee, including leading monthly pack meetings
Carry out the goals of the chartering organization within the Pack program
Work with the Pack Committee to recruit adult leadership
Work with the Pack Committee to develop the Pack budget
Support the Pack Den Leaders and encourage them to get the appropriate training
Encourage the Pack Den Leaders to work toward Cub Scout Leader awards
Encourage Webelos to cross over to a Scouts BSA Troop
Communicate with parents about the Pack program and help to educate them about the Cub Scout program
Encourage family participation in the Cub Scout program
Encourage the Pack to participate in service projects
Work with the Assistant Cubmasters, delegating as necessary
Attend and participate in Pack Committee planning meetings
Recruit Den Chiefs to assist the Pack Den Leaders
Incorporate traditional Scouting elements, such as flag ceremonies, skits, and songs, into the Pack program
Encourage advancement and recognize Cub Scouts when they advance

Assistant CM - *NEED ASAP*
Cubmaster in training
Supports the CM with duties above
Will take over when current CM steps down

Committee Chair (CC) - Melissa Colatosti
Maintain a relationship with the chartered organization to ensure that the Pack program meets the requirements of both the BSA and the chartered organization
Work with the Cubmaster on policy matters relating to Cub Scouting and the chartered organization.
Chair the Pack Committee meetings
Annually recharter the Pack
Work with the Pack Treasurer to develop a budget
Complete Youth Protection training and position specific training for the position of Pack Committee Chair
Delegate responsibilities to other adults in the Pack to ensure a quality Pack program
Ensure that the positions of Cubmaster Assistant Cubmaster are filled
Ensure that every den has a Den Leader and an Assistant Den Leader
Secure meeting facilities through the chartered organization.
Work with the Treasurer and Cubmaster to develop fund raising projects and secure adults to chair those projects
Ensure that all registered leaders have completed BSA Youth Protection training
Educate Pack families about the Cub Scout program
Nurture and maintain relationships with one or more Scouts BSA Troops in the area to ensure that Webelos have a smooth transition to the Scouts BSA program
Support the policies of the BSA.

Pack Committee Members - 
A number of parents who are involved in the Pack and Scouting Program who wants to help the Pack

Positions below: 

Treasurer - Adam Davis
Keeps track of dues and who needs to pay them
Keeps track of the cost of scouting and makes sure we're collecting enough dues to support the program
Works with Fundraising Committee to log Scoutbucks and figures out an amount needed to be raised to assist the Pack's finances. 

Advancement Chair - Kristen Tyson & Katherine Hunt
Works with the den leaders to make sure the cubs are earning the adventures they need to rank up
Uses Scoutbook or Google Spreadsheet to keep track of advancements
Purchases awards at AAC when needed
Prints "Advancement Report" when rank is earned and gives it to AAC
Occasional emails to the whole Pack or individual Akelas about completing adventures

Fundraising Committee  (multiple parents) - * NEED ASAP *
Brandie Bedard & Kristen Tyson
Runs the Popcorn Fundraiser in the fall (Aug - Nov)
- This involves attending Popcorn Kernel meetings at AAC
- Using the Trails End (TE) website to track Pack and cubs popcorn sales
- Get cubs to sign up on Trails End app and make sure everyone know how to use it
- Setting up Show N Sells with Kroger, Tucker Farmers Market and log them in TE
- ordering product for Show N Sells and keeping track of product sold and money brought in
- keep track of cubs progress and order Wagon Sales that cubs take

Runs the Camp Card Fundraiser in the spring (Mar - May)
- issue Camp Cards to cubs and keep track of what was given out
- Cubs return unsold (undamaged) cards and we return them to AAC
- log sold cards for each cub and submit to AAC

Den Leaders (DL)-

We usually have several den leaders for each den. 
DLs will work together to plan and deliver the rank adventures needed to earn the rank patch.
Den leader guide books are in the Cub Room or use the Handbooks to plan meetings.

Other Pack Committee Positions

New Parent Orientation person - * NEED *
A person who knows the Cub program inside and out and can assist new families with info of Pack 129 and the Cub Scout program in general.
Mainly needed during the start of the Scout year (July - Sept)

Camp Chair - Eric Hunt
This person LOVES camping and the Cub Scout program!
Works with den leaders to come up with a camp program.
Have activities and games planned
Organizes a campfire program for Saturday night

Website Guru - Kristen Tyson & Javi De Jesus
updates the website with events and pictures
updates the website at the end of the scout year with the new den leaders and meeting day/ times
update den pages when there's a change in the program

Helpers with events like Pinewood Derby & Regatta - *NEED*
Persons who love races and checkered flags! Get the kids excited about racing their boats or cars.
Assists leaders with Regatta Races (Nov) and Pinewood Derby (Jan)
Sets up track, watches finish line, judges who won the round
Sets up activities for the events