About This Template

You Must Create Several Gmail Accounts

  • The Prudent way to start using this website... 
    1. create a gmail account for you
      • we suggest the following syntax...  webmaster.pack222@gmail.com  ...just use your unique pack number instead of 222.
      • Make your password unique
      • Download this template using your newly created account
    2. Using Your Webmaster account, create a gmail account for all your leaders 
      • number the dens first - you must number your dens!
      • they will keep that den number and email address as they advance through the ranks
      • Your gmail accounts should be like this... den1.pack222@gmail.com,  den2.pack222@gmail.com, cubmaster.pack222@gmail.com  etc..
      • make all the passwords the same and ask them not to change them.  You will need access to the accounts to ensure all the shared calendars and documents are setup properly.
    1. Using your Webmaster account, create
      • a Pack Calendar
      • a Den 1 Calendar
      • a Den 2 Calendar, etc...
      • Share these calendars with the appropriate persons.  Share the Pack Calendar with the Cubmaster, Committee Chair, advancement chair, and Pack Trainer.  Share Den 1's Calendar with the Den 1 Leader,Share Den 2's Calendar with Den 2's Leader, etc..
      • Give only the appropriate people access to the appropriate calendar
    2. Tell your leaders to start using these accounts to do scout business.  The sooner they start using them the easier it will be to keep your pack running smoothly.
  • Why you need to create all these accounts
    1. Because this website combines the den calendars and the pack calendar and displays them in one calendar on the website.  It combines them all into one.  It's a compilation of six or seven people providing event information - all displayed nicely in one place.
    2. Because your leaders will need a google account to log into the website and add information (like stories to their Den Page.)
    3. because you can share documents easily using google documents (shared collections).  I actually have a set of Google Documents (a Collection) that serves as website instructions for new leaders in the pack.  It trains them to keep their calendar up-to-date, their Den Pages current, and shows them several other tips and tricks.
    4. because you don't want to manage this website alone. This allows you to give the leaders access so they can add information themselves.  The trick is simply training them to use their calendar, contacts, documents, stories, and gmail.  After that it should smooth out pretty quickly and your job is just to nudge them in the correct direction.
  • I can not help you with Google Sites.  But it is pretty simple to learn.  
    • Use the Google Sites help center, I did.
    • Especially since I have most of the components configured for you.  All you need to do is use them as a template to start pulling your own information.
  • I might consider helping you with some of the Graphics but I would probably ask for a donation to our Pack.  Nothing unreasonable, mind you.  I'm fairly quick with that end of the design stage and alot of my work is in the template already.
  • I might also consider sharing the training documents I created.  But I would ask that you help me maintain them, edit them for clarity, and keep them up-to-date for new leaders to use.  But you would need to be competent in the use of Google Documents.  I can't share them with someone who can't help me also.  In other words, you need to be proficient with clarity before I take that step.
  • I do accept donations to our Pack.  As you can see, numerous hours have been invested already and the site is about perfect for a Cub Pack to use for recruiting and keeping everyone informed.  Combine this website with Packmaster and you have a pretty darn good solution for managing a Pack the way it should be managed.
  • Enjoy it.  You are welcome to use it how you wish - for free - and I hope it fits your needs well.  As I write this, I am in process of encouraging our leaders to use it and that is not an easy task.  But the task of them doing it is easy. It actually very simple to manage this website.  Even for a novice user. The trick is to get them over the initial hump.  After that it is all gravy.  And your new leaders will be pier pressured into learning how to do it.  So it is all down hill after the first year.