August 21st: Back to Pack Information Day 

August 28th: Den Meetings 

September 11th: Den Meetings 

September 25th: Den Meetings & Pack Meeting 

October 9th: Den Meetings 

October 23rd: Den Meetings & Pack Meeting 

October 30th: Service Project TBD 

November 4th-6th: Pack Camping Trip 

November 12th: Raingutter Regatta Preliminary Races 

November 13th: Den Meetings, Pack Meeting & Rain Gutter Regatta Championships 

December 11th: Den Meetings 

December 18th: Den Meetings, Pack Meeting & Dessert Contest 


January 7th: Pinewood Derby Work Day 

January 8th: Den Meetings 

January 14th: Pinewood Derby Work Day 

January 20th: Pinewood Derby Check-In 

January 21st: Pinewood Derby & Pack Meeting 

January 22nd: Den Meetings 

January 29th: Service Project TBD 

February 12th: Den Meetings 

February 12th: Scout Sunday & Den Meetings 

February 17th-20th: Overnight Trip TBD 

February 25th: Blue & Gold, AOL Crossover & Pack Meeting 

February 26th: Den Meetings 

March 12th: Den Meetings 

March 26th: Den Meetings & Pack Meeting 

March 31st-April 2nd: Pack Camping Trip 

April 16th: Den Meetings 

April 23rd: Den Meetings & Pack Meeting 

May 7th: Den Meetings 

May 13th: Tucker Day Parade (Subject to Change) 

May 21st: Rank-Up Celebration 

June 5th-9th: Hightower Trail Cub Day Camp (subject to change)

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